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Our interior design services


Anything is possible and the focus is always on creating a suitable design aesthetic to ensure a cohesive style throughout a client’s home, reflecting their personality and way of living.


Drawing from her interior design training with Babette Hayes in Australia and Naomi Leff of New York, Janne takes a highly individual approach to each project with no two design solutions ever looking the same. Whether it’s a 70s house, a Paddington terrace, an apartment or penthouse, a Californian bungalow, a Georgian Mansion or anything in between, Janne works closely with her clients to create an interior refresh that is empathetic to its original roots. Design that can withstand the tides of time and fashion brings new energy and aesthetic to every updated space under Janne’s expert curation.

To ensure a seamless approach from start to finish Janne also provides project management services where she can work with the various tradespeople involved to deliver a finished result, free of stress for her clients. On her books are a range of skilled tradespeople who are perfectly suited for these types of bespoke interior refresh and she can work closely with them on behalf of her clients. Peace of mind is ensured throughout the entire design process.

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